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Toe Conditions

Toe deformities refer to abnormal shapes or positions of the toes that can result from various factors, such as genetics, foot structure, footwear choices, or underlying medical conditions. Here are some common toe deformities:

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Hammertoe Deformities

The most common questions we get is why do bunion develop? The answer is in 3 ways

​We treat this option in 3 ways​

  1. Conservative- 3D printed custom orthotics, bracing, exercises

  2. Advance Treatment- Injection therapy

  3. Surgery

Surgical option is offered in the office or OR setting. Some hammertoes can be addressed in the office which are called tenotomies that allow the patient to full recover in 3 days

Dr Martins during the virtual or in-person consultation will assess the foot, biomechanics and x-rays to assess what is the best surgical options for the patient.

Systems we Use for Toe Correction

Paragon 28

Common Toe Deformities we Treat

Telehealth  Virtual Care Visits  - DC - SKR-FF.png

Virtual Treatment is an alternative Options to formal Consultation

Looking for Case Studies?
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