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Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

Foot structure, genetics, work activity and shoe choice are just some of the reasons lower extremity pain occurs. Orthotics over the past 20 years has been made differently and as technology changes so have we. We are now providing 3D printed orthotics that is the most accurate technology to improve foot function and pain relief. Maintaining the correct position of the foot and ankle is vital in reducing pain and deformities. Genetics, work activity and shoe choice are just some of the reasons lower extremity pain occurs.  Just like with the construction of a building or home if the foundation is not perfect the structure will be unstable. Every human body is different and expecting a semi-custom or OTC insoles to provide maximum support and pain relief is difficult.

CMO progress.jpg

Orthotic are custom created for you and your condition. We are able to create flexible/ Hybrid orthotics or Ridged Frame orthotics. Dr Martins will conduct a complete examination with biomechanical exam to see what is best for you.  All purpose, Sport, Flat and High heels, accommodative,  and more. Some condition that we can help with properly made custom orthotics is:

  • Back Pain

  • Knee Pain 

  • Hip Pain 

  • Heel Pain

  • Flatfeet

  • Arch Pain

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Morton Neuroma’s

  • Bunion Pain

  • Hammertoes

  • Tarsal Tunnel

  • Syndrome

  • Diabetic Ulcers 

  • Charcot Deformity

  • Bursitis

  • Tendonitis (PTTD)

  • Foot Fatigue

  • Capsulitis

  • High Arch Feet

  • Foot Strains

  • Heel Spurs

Functional Orthotics_edited.jpg

Functional Orthotics

These work very well for patients that need to maintain structure of the foot or reduce pressure on one area. These can be customized to different colors, shoes, and diagnosis.

Rigid CMO_edited.jpg

Flexible Orthotics

Our flexible orthotic is an accommodative orthotic made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), an EVA-like material.
A wide range of customization options allows the S90 to comfortably support most feet. These can also be used in water and are waterproof.


Orthotics Sandals

Our 3D printed custom sandal is created by using a full length 3D printed custom midsole, a custom outsole, and conventional sandal uppers. Each sandal will fit perfectly to each foot to provide ultimate comfort and the right amount of arch support. 

custom sandals.jpg


How long do the 3D custom orthotics take to make?

With the elimination of casting and using more accurate technology we are able to print out the orthotics in 1-2 days. However at this time it take 1 week to have the orthotics ready to be picked up

Are Orthotics covered by my insurance?

Every year insurance companies change if they are covering the cost of the orthotics or not. There are many factors including a patient’s DIAGNOSIS. After the patient is evaluated in person or virtually Dr Martins will Dx a condition and the patient may choose to assess their coverage. However, MOST insurance does not cover the cost of orthotics but we inform patients how to assess coverage.

What is the cost of the orthotics?

The cost of the custom-made orthotics is $500 ( no tax). This includes a change of top cover as the orthotics wear down.

How long do 3D orthotics last?

Orthotics are like tires on your car and are pending how often they are used and what terrain they are used on. On average we are able to get 3 years of life with this new technology. 

Can I get orthotics without seeing the doctor?

At this time No. You will have to come in to get 3D scanned

What is the return policy on this device?

Due to it being custom there is not return or refund policy. We will work with you to assess your condition and make modification as seen fit. Remember orthotics alone will not fix deformities but just make them comfortable reducing the need for injection therapy and surgery.

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