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medical pedicures
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What is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure, also known as “medi pedi” or “medicure”, is a noninvasive treatment that focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic care of the toenails and soles of the feet.

After a full assessment of your feet and nails, our trained registered nurse (RN) or Specially trained nail technician performs a dry or wet procedure that combines podiatry with nail care. Unlike nail salons, our technician is trained to examine the feet and toenails using advanced equipment and tools, under the strictest hygiene protocols.

Medical Pedicures are the perfect alternative for diabetic patients, arthritis sufferers, runners, athletes, performers, professionals on their feet all day and anyone self-conscious about their feet.

The service is performed in a private medical setting, and addresses unsightly and uncomfortable conditions such as: Athlete’s foot,  Corns,  Calluses,  Dry, Cracked heels,  Fungus,  Ingrown/overgrown toenails,  Nail discoloration.

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These services are usually under to guidance and treatment protocol from Dr Martins. The trained RN or Nail Tech will only offer services that deem to be within the specialty and WILL NOT DIAGNOSIS or create a treatment plan for these conditions. At anytime the client needs a treatment or procedure they will be referred to Dr Martins.

Basic Cut and File - $45 

Includes basic cut and file elongated toenails.

No soaking, no callus care, no polish.

Manicure - $30

Includes cutting, shaping and buffing of fingernails along with regular nail polish

Wellness Pedicures/

Wet or Dry Pedicure - $65

Completed my a licensed nail tech Include a warm foot soak with your choice of soaking products, a sugar scrub, cutting and filing of the healthy nails, moisturizer and nail polish

Foot/ Ankle Cleansing - $30

Includes washing, soaking the foot and ankle with medical grade soap, brief massage, drying and applying appropriate moisturizer

Medical Pedicure - $80

Performed by a LPN or RN. Ideal for fungal nails & immunocompromised  patients like diabetic, PAD, neuropathy etc.  It is a waterless pedicure using medical grade instruments and includes shaping, filing and buffing of the nails along with callus maintenance and a moisturizing treatment without nail polish

Appointment Request

Please email us below to be scheduled an appointment. We will respond during business hours Monday -Thursday 8am -4pm and Friday 8 am-12pm. To speak to a live person at the office call or txt 517-879-4242

We will contact you SOON!

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Franchising Opportunity 

Looking to add a new service to your medical practice?

Martini Spa is the perfect option to provide sterilize and infection protocols to your medical practice which patients are seeking instead of the routine nail salons. To learn more about offering this service to you space go to 

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