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Internal Brace

Are weak, unstable ankles and the fear of recurring sprains limiting your active lifestyle? You’re not alone. But there is hope. The InternalBrace procedure is helping people just like you get back on their feet and stand strong. 
Repeated ankle sprains are both a symptom and a cause of a weak and unstable ankle. Each time you twist or roll your ankle, the ligaments on the outside of your ankle can stretch or tear, creating a perpetual cycle of recurring injuries and ankle pain.

Chronic ankle instability occurs when the damaged ligaments fail to heal properly. The loose ligaments cannot protect your ankle from rolling outwardly. Symptoms of chronic ankle instability include:

Your ankle “gives away” when walking on uneven surfaces


  • Pain or tenderness in your ankle

  • Chronic ankle swelling

  • Feeling unstable or wobbly

  • Repetitive ankle sprains

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