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Diabetic Foot Care

The term "diabetic foot" refers to a group of complications that can arise in individuals with diabetes, particularly those who have poorly controlled blood sugar levels over a long period of time. Diabetes can cause a variety of health issues, and one of the areas commonly affected is the feet. 



  • Neuropathy

  • Poor circulation

  • Ulcers

  • Charcot foot

  • Thickened/ Fungal Nails

  • Pre-ulcerative callus

  • Skin Infections

  • Skin Fissures

  • Foot deformities

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

  • Fat Atrophy

  • Delayed Wound Healing

    • Amputations

    • Osteomyelitis

Treatment we offer

  • Preventative Care ( Nail and Callus Care )

  • Wound Care ( wound debridement, dressing changes )

  • Offloading with casting, boot, scooter, etc.

  • Skin graft applications

  • Ultrasound therapy for wound closure

  • Diabetic Shoes/ insoles

  • Wound Care Supplies

  • Incision and drainage ( hospital base procedure )

  • Amputation ( when needed )


Preventative Care

We provide nail and callus care to maintain and healthy diabetic foot. This includes nail debridement/ trimming and callus debridement. There is a misconception that ALL diabetic can get their nails cut with their insurance. However that is not true. There are several OTHER factors that requires a doctor to cut your nails. Being a healthy diabetic alone does not qualify. At your first visits Dr Martins will be a diabetic foot exam and inform you of your risk and recommendations. Patients that DO NOT qualify we offer Medical Pedicure with a Licensed Nail Technician/ RN.  

Diabetic SHoes

A diabetic shoe, also known as therapeutic footwear or diabetic footwear, is a specialized type of shoe designed to provide proper support, comfort, and protection for individuals with diabetes, particularly those who are at risk of developing foot complications due to neuropathy (nerve damage) and poor circulation. These shoes are designed to minimize the risk of foot injuries, ulcers, and other related problems that can arise in people with diabetes.

Coverage is again independent on a list of requirements Medicare and insurances make. Dr Martins will assess you risk and see if you qualify. Some insurances allow us to dispense them and others require the authorization to come from your PCP. 

Waterproof Shoes
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